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About the Law Offices of David Grossack

The Law Office of David Grossack has made an unique and socially significant impact on the American legal scene. Attorney Grossack has been in the vanguard of change in the dynamics of the delivery of legal services and has advanced the causes of constitutional rights among broad sectors of the American population. Many cases brought by Attorney Grossack have received national and regional publicity, and have been reported in the federal reporter system where precedent setting cases are featured.

The office handles cases in the areas of constitutional rights, domestic relations, business to business litigation and collections, landlord tenant matters, contract litigation, personal injury and probate and trust contests. The office is also one of the very few in the country which openly offers coaching services to unrepresented litigants (pro-se parties). Attorney Grossack is the author of two training manuals on the topic.

Finally, the office has established a financial consulting service for emerging small businesses, Allerton Hill Advisors, of which more information can be found at

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